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Lord Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz

The chill of it all. Frozen Lemon Mousse

The chill of it all. Frozen Lemon Mousse

That chill you’ve been feeling was not just a prolonged winter. That was me giving my kitchen the cold shoulder.

Yes, we live differently here in New York. If someone has a kitchen, a real honest-to-goodness kitchen, for goodness sakes, it’s because they are wealthy or, like Peggy Olson, they were pioneers. I have a friend who has lived on West 80th Street since the late seventies. If, as the book says, “…to every thing there is a season, turn, turn, turn…” she has seen a lot of seasons and a lot of turns. She’s still there, but H&H Bagels? Gone. Broadway Nut Shop? Gone. The dance studio that became a rug store that became a Filene’s Basement that became a Syms? It’s a DSW. For now. Turn Turn Turn. (Zabars is still there. Long after Armageddon folks will still be lined up in there for smoked fish.)

People change and grow. The city changes. My kitchen? I still have to go outside to change my mind…buh-dump-bump.

I reached a point a few weeks ago where I just decided that my kitchen and I needed to take a break. As with any relationship, that usually means the party’s over. As with any New York relationship it usually means we’re still living together because one or both of us cannot, at this moment, move. (uhhhh, hint, the kitchen ‘aint going nowhere.)

Yet, this may be a good thing. Every now and then you should step back and make an honest appraisal of a problem and decide what you can do to fix things. So here, friends, is a picture of what would bring me some domestic bliss. Real world be damned.

  1. If my kitchen is too small, I suggest making it bigger. I think increasing its size ten-fold would suffice. For now.
  2. More counter space would be nice. In the case of my kitchen any counter space would be nice. I suggest an increase of several hundred percent.
  3. An automatic dishwasher. I don’t mind doing dishes. I’d just like a little help. Perhaps an intern like those folks on TV. (Yeah, Rachael Ray cleans up after they tape her show. I dare any of these folks –Martha, Rachael, Giada, Ina, Paula, that woman with the spiky blond hair (or the Guy with the spiky blond hair) – to devote an entire episode to just doing the dishes. We could make it a series where they compete to see who can clean a dirty kitchen fastest. I even have a name: “I’ll Wash / You Dry”. Cute, right?)
  4. A Blue Star range. It’s like the ubiquitous Viking range but it comes in several colors and configurations. I’m terrible at deciding on colors, so perhaps two Blue Star ranges would be best. Then I could “live with them” for a while and decide which one I like best.
  5. Two wall mounted ovens. Gas / convection. I don’t know which brand is best: make me an offer.
  6. Two All-Clad saucepans. One two quart, one four quart. I have the All-Clad skillets already and love them.
  7. Aww shucks, throw in a couple of All-Clad skillets too. You just never know when someone will drop by.
  8. A grill.
  9. A vent for the grill.
  10. A room with Metro shelves where I can store all of my kitchen…stuff. (You often see Ina Garten exiting hers with today’s very special key ingredient.) I believe this is called a pantry.
  11. One of those cooling racks on wheels they use in restaurants and hotel kitchens. I forget what they’re called in the trade, but you can slide about eight sheet pans into them and roll the whole thing around. Indispensable for anyone who likes to bake.
  12. A table for six—eight in a pinch—so that we can have an honest to goodness sit down dinner right in the kitchen. (For New Yorkers a sit down dinner means the floor.)

Correct me if I am wrong: I don’t think there’s anything particularly outlandish here. Do you?

In the meantime, I have devised a plan to get myself back into the groove with my kitchen, and you’ll be happy to hear that couples therapy is not in this plan. I’m going to select a few things that I can achieve with a minimum of space. Sheets and sheets of cookies seem out of the question for now. Cooler items that don’t require a lot of fussing would be good, so I started with a Frozen Lemon Mousse.

I made it in a spring form pan with an almond flour crust, but it would work well in little ramekins as an individual dessert. I chose the single, larger pan because that’s all that would fit in my freezer.

Uh-oh! Forgot something:

  1. An enormous refrigerator and freezer where everything is at eye level.

That’s the kind of chill I like.


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