Vintage Recipe: Rumaki

Rumaki and cocktails

(Photo by: Richard Gerhard Jung)

6 Servings

“This appetizer has become almost as popular as pizza pie in metropolitan America but it is still worth repeating.”


6 chicken livers
18 canned water chestnuts
9 bacon slices cut in half
9 scallions, sliced thin lengthwise
½ cup soy sauce
¼ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp curry powder

1. Slice the chicken livers into three pieces each and fold each piece over a water chestnut.
2. Wrap a strip of bacon and scallion sliced lengthwise around the liver-chestnut core, pinning each kabob with a toothpick.
3. Marinate the kabobs on hour in the soy sauce spiced with ginger and curry powder. Drain and broil in a preheated broiler, turning frequently, until the bacon is thoroughly cooked, about five minutes. Serve on long picks.

From The New York Times Cook Book by Craig Claiborne. Copyright ©1961 by Craig Claiborne. Published by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.

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