Autumn Recipe: Autumn Leaf




Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf




The Ingredients (per person)

1 oz. Vodka (I’ll be using Ketel One)

.50 oz Cointreau

1 oz. White Cranberry juice

.25 oz. fresh orange juice

Orange sanding sugar (optional)

1 orange zest twist


Combine first four ingredients over ice in cocktail shaker. Shake, and then serve in frosted martini glasses. Garnish with orange zest twist.

 (Optional: to sugar the rims of the glasses, set out two saucers. Fill one with about ¼ inch of water. Fill the other with the sugar. Dip rims in water, shake lightly to remove excess, then dip in the sugar. Store upright in freezer until ready to serve the cocktails.)

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