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Tough cookie? Little cupcake? Snickerdoodle?Michael Klashman

can be found in fine stores everywhere, usually looking for something to eat. He can also be found in his typically New York City-sized kitchen trying to figure out how many bowls he can balance on the edge of the sink.

He grew up in a small city in Massachusetts most notable in his memory for having three bakeries in the same block (four, if you count the Brigham’s Ice Cream Shop on the corner.)

His happy memories of those bakeries (all now long gone) led him on a constant quest to recreate the best that Bob Ware’s Yum Yum Shop, Okemo Cake Bakery, and Wolfies’ had to offer.

Just typing those names makes him hungry. His friends constantly wonder how he stays so darn skinny.

So she doesn’t feel neglected, he would also like to add that his mother was a very fine baker (she doesn’t bake anymore, but for old time’s sake, still dons her apron to pour a bowl of breakfast cereal.)

His writing has appeared in Saveur Magazine and his photography has appeared in The New York Times. If you blinked, you missed it.

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